International Collaborations

Founded in 1965 with the aim of educating specialists and experts in various fields of industry as per the country’s needs, Sharif University of Technology has become the leading technical university in Iran and among the best in the Middle East region. Sharif graduates have gone on to become outstanding scientists, engineers, and indeed, leaders worldwide. As such, Sharif’s global character has been shaped through its alumni and its body of academic staff who are pooled from various corners of the globe.

The pace of globalization has accelerated in recent years with international institutions taking an active interest in scientific collaboration with the university.

Today, Sharif’s staff have built a number of research collaborations with international partners both institutionally and at individual research level.

Students gain international experience through various student exchange programs. Graduate students have the opportunity to carry out research components abroad and thus extend international collaborative efforts.

Sharif is at the forefront of many areas of research from nano-technology to management systems.

Sharif aims to collaborate effectively with other institutions and organisations, where such partnerships can lead to outstanding research and teaching. We particularly seek to network with other institutions in order to enhance and promote the University’s interdisciplinary culture.

Sharif University of Technology draws its faculty members from across the globe and its alumni have a presence in over 100 countries worldwide.

Sharif University has signed memoranda of understanding with around one hundred and fifty universities worldwide.