Summer Schools

Summer/Winter Schools

  • Summer/Winter schools are non-degree programs in which no degree would be conferred on the students at the end of the program.
  • Summer/Winter schools may take from several days to several weeks, between the Spring and Fall semesters.
  • There are different kinds of summer/winter schools; cultural experience/course taking/ and research participation (or combinations of them). In the latter two, at the end of the program, a report containing the status of courses taken by the student and his/her research activities will be delivered to the home institution. Students should consult the education office of their departments in advance in order to ensure that the credit of courses that they intend to take would be transferrable to Sharif as their mandatory/optional courses.
  • Summer/Winter schools are of special interest to students who want to make the most of their inter-semester holidays in terms of gaining cultural experience or exploring the educational and research opportunities of international universities.
  • Each summer/winter school program has its own characteristics; some of them are free of charge (fully funded, including accommodation and tuition fees), some of them are partially funded (only tuition fees are waived), and for the rest, students should pay all the costs. When the application to summer schools is competitive (which is usually the case when the program is free of charge and/or the number of applicants is beyond the quota), SUT’s International Affairs Office would interview and select the applicants. In these cases, the selected applicants are expected to participate in the summer school after acceptance.
  • The final decision on accepting the students rests with the host institution.
  • The details of upcoming summer/winter schools available to Sharif students (including the deadlines and mechanisms of application) would be announced here.
  • Since the period of stay is usually up to one month and is in the summer, students with the educational exemption (for their military service) usually have no problem obtaining a passport. However, before applying, students should consult the Military Service Office of the university to ensure that they have no problem to exit the country for the whole period of summer school. Of course, female students and those who have obtained permanent exemption would have no problem in this regard.
  • Some of the summer/winter schools are limited to specific departments or degrees.

Instruction Guide, Summer School (in Persian)

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