Sharif Is to Extend International Collaborations with Nestlé

Saturday, Sept. 1, 2018, a Sharif delegation of six, consisted of Dr. Mokhtari, Director of Industrial Relations, Dr. Najmi, Vice-President for Finance and Administration, Dr. Behzad, Mechanical Engineering, Mr. Shahrokhi & Mr. Hasanalizadeh, both from Vice-Presidency for Research and Technology, and Mr. Soltani, from the International Affairs Office paid a visit to the Nestlé factory in Qazvin.

Upon arrival, the group was joined with a delegation from College of Engineering, University of Tehran and received a warm welcome. After a presentation from Mr. Giuseppe Carella, Country Manager of Nestlé in Iran, and Mr. Alireza Sarabchi, Head of Communications and Marketing Services, about the history and the current state of Nestlé, the group had a tasting session of the products of Nestlé Iran, such as Nesquik & CERELAC. The delegation then had a tour of the factory itself, in which the production line of the famous powdered milk, NAN, was explained in detail by Nestlé engineers.

The second and final session of the visit convened after lunch when Mr. Carella presented Sharif & Tehran university faculties with a book titled “Nestlé: 150 Years Nutrition Health and Wellness”. Mr. Carella then proposed that Nestlé should collaborate with top universities in Iran to become more efficient and to have a more positive impact on the society as a whole. He then summarized some of the key points that his company wanted to cooperate in, such as clean energy & safety improvements.

Dr. Mokhtari & Dr. Abrinia (from the University of Tehran) then expressed the importance of such collaborations and agreed to follow up on the matter to start a more solid relationship between the universities and Nestlé.

It is worth mentioning that a delegation from Nestlé visited Sharif University of Technology in May 2018 and had a meeting with Dr. Simchi & Dr. Mokhtari at the IA Office. More on that here.

Further efforts on expanding collaborations between Sharif & Australia

On Tuesday, August 7, 2018, Mr. Mounir Sankary visited Sharif and had a meeting at the International Affairs Office with Dr. Sanaz Moghim and the IA Office’s specialists, Mr. Ali Orooji & Mr. Pooria Soltani.

At the meeting, Mr. Sankary expressed the importance of having strong relations with Iran and especially Sharif University of Technology and emphasized that his organization, Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) wholeheartedly supports joint efforts between Sharif and Australian universities. He then proposed to help with the planning of the visit of a delegation from Sharif to Australia, so that it can be more fruitful in terms of implemented mutual agreements between universities.

Dr. Moghim then said that Sharif University in concert with Austrade could write proposals in different fields such as mining and water management and collaborate with Australian universities on these topics. She also suggested that running advanced workshops in these fields could further improve the ties between the universities and experts of both countries.
It is worth mentioning that Sharif is preparing to enter in a three-way agreement with IMIDRO and Austrade to create a platform of collaboration to make it easier for Australian companies to work in Iran and exchange knowledge and engineering experience.

Sharif plans a joint research center in Optoelectronics

An official from a Chinese company active in the field of photonics, visited Sharif on August 6, 2018, and had a meeting at the International Affairs office with a number of faculty members of Sharif.

The official discussed his proposal of expanding collaborations in optoelectronics and photonics. According to him, this agreement would provide a better chance of exchanging students, professors, engineering experience and technologies, and laboratory equipment, especially in the field of photonics.

It is worth mentioning that Sharif has recently been appointed as the leading house of Iran-China academic collaboration and plans to host an event in November, consisted of universities and companies from both countries.

Sharif, Austrade, and Sharif-IMIDRO foundation officials meet

A delegation from the Australian Trade and Investment Commission, Austrade, consisted of Mr. Mounir Sankary and Mr. Reza Gharakhan met with Sharif and Sharif-IMIDRO foundation officials on July 8, 2018.

The meeting took place in the International Affairs Office and was conveyed by Dr. Simchi, Dean of International Affairs. Also present were Dr. Asgari, president of Sharif-IMIDRO foundation, Dr. Halali from Materials Science and Engineering Department and Ms. Rajabi, from Sharif-IMIDRO foundation. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss how to strengthen the academic and economic ties between the two countries in the mining industry.

After citing past relations and present interest of collaboration with Australia by Dr. Asgari, Mr. Sankary pointed out the need for creating a platform, so that companies in both countries can better interact with each other. It was established that another meeting should take place to create a more detailed roadmap of collaboration in the mining and environmental sectors.

It is worth mentioning that the Iranian Mines & Mining Industries Development & Renovation, IMIDRO, is a governmental organization aimed at resolving the country’s need for mineral products.

A Delegation from China in Sharif

A Delegation from China in Sharif

A delegation led by Mr. Jianing, Director of the Department of International Cooperation of the Chinese MOST, visited Sharif University of Technology

A delegation from the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), led by Mr. Cai Jianing, Director of the Department of International Cooperation, paid a visit to Sharif on July 2, 2018. The other members of the delegation were Ms. Wang Xiao, Deputy Director General of the Department of International Cooperation, Mr. Teng Hongsheng, Associate Consultant of the Department of International Cooperation, Mr. An Lei, Director of Torch High Technology Industry Development Center, Ms. Zhang Lihong, Deputy Director of Torch High Technology Industry Development Center, and Mr. Guo Jinhai from Torch High Technology Industry Development Center. On the other side, Dr. Khalaj, Professor at SUT’s Electrical Engineering Department and the Head of SUT-China Academic Collaborations at International Affairs Office, played host to the delegation.

The delegation first visited Sharif Technology Services Complex. Afterward, a meeting was held at the Complex between the parties. Beginning the meeting, Dr. Khalaj gave a short introduction to Sharif University of Technology. He also discussed the upcoming “Iran-China Science and Technology Day”, to be held in mid-October at Sharif University of Technology. Dr. Khalaj also pointed out that SUT warmly invites the representatives of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology to participate in this event and appreciates the assistance of the Ministry in making this event more fruitful. Following the meeting, Mr. Jianing stated that academic collaboration with Iran is most welcome by China and expressed his desire that the number of collaborations between the countries grows steadily. Mr. Jaining also mentioned that the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, in cooperation with the Chinese Embassy in Tehran, will provide the list of potential attendees to the event.

After the meeting, the delegation also visited TIVAN Entrepreneurship Center at SUT’s Energy Sciences and Engineering Research Center.

It is worth mentioning that SUT has been appointed by the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology as the Leading House of Iran-China Academic Collaborations. Moreover, with the presence of key-figures of higher education and industrial sectors of both countries, the 1st Iran-China Science and Technology Day is going to be held in SUT in the mid-October.


A Business Delegation from Nestle Visited Sharif

A Business Delegation from Nestle Visited Sharif

Sharif and Nestle to Expand Collaborations in Various Fields


Today, May 27, 2018: In a meeting that was held at SUT’s International Affairs Office, Mr. Giuseppe Carella, Country Manager of Nestle, along with Mr. Alireza Sarabchi, Head of Communications and Marketing Services, and Ms. Setareh Salamat, Head of Human Resources, paid a visit to SUT. In this visit, Dr. Simchi, Dean of International Affairs and Dr. Mokhtari, Director of Industrial Relations, received the delegation.

Beginning the meeting, Dr. Mokhtari introduced SUT and its active industrial collaborations. He also explained several successful examples of SUT’s industrial projects. As Dr. Mokhtari put it, SUT is first in the country in terms of industrial income and the next university lags behind it for about 40 percent. Following the meeting, Mr. Carella introduced Nestle company and its ongoing activities in Iran. As he said, cooperation with universities is one of the priorities of Nestle. Mr. Carella also explained that Nestle is active in topics such as water management, health and safety, and agriculture and is keen on collaborating with SUT in these fields. As he mentioned, reducing the rate of water consumption up to 50% in different factories and some mega-farms is one of the examples of Nestle’s successful projects in Iran.

Finally, the parties agreed upon several main topics for collaborations. These are offering internship programs to the students of SUT, doing joint projects in water management, food health and safety, and agriculture, and holding joint workshops in topics of mutual interest. Following the invitation of Mr. Carella, it was also decided that a delegation from SUT, consisting of professors active and interested in the above-mentioned fields, will visit Nestle company in the coming summer. In this visit, the parties will define the roadmap for SUT-Nestle collaborations in the future.

It is worth mentioning that Nestle has been active in Iran since 2000.

An Academic Delegation from Macquarie University, Australia in Sharif

A delegation consisting of Prof. Rahat Munir, Head of Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance and Mr. Tanveer Shaheed, the university’s Regional Director of South Asia & Middle East, visited Sharif on May 6, 2018.

The delegation had a meeting with Dr. Talebian, a professor at the Graduate School of Management and Economics. Hosted by GSME, Dr. Munir held a talk titled “Skills or Knowledge? Practical sense of Graduate Attributes” about how the organizational skills are changing and how students and universities should prepare to meet the new expectations.

Accompanied by Dr. Talebian, the delegation then visited International Affairs Office where Dr. Talebian gave a brief introduction of SUT. Dr. Mehrany, Deputed Head of Graduate Studies at Electrical Engineering Department also joined the meeting and topics such as student and professor exchange and the possibility of using the SUT Kish Island campus for such affairs were discussed. Finally, both parties expressed their hope that this visit can lead to a fruitful collaboration between the universities in the near future.

It is worth mentioning that Sharif and Macquarie have already signed an MoU and Dual Degree Program Agreement.

An Academic Delegation from the University of Kufa, Iraq in Sharif

An Academic Delegation from the University of Kufa, Iraq in Sharif

Implementing the Cooperation Agreement between the Universities

May 5-6, 2018: An academic delegation from the University of Kufa, Iraq paid a visit to Sharif University of Technology. The delegation consisted of Prof. Hasan Al Zubeidi, Vice-President for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Prof. Safaa Hashim, Head of the Department of the Engineering of the Water Resources, Prof. Ali Naji Attiyah, Representative of the Civil Engineering Department, Prof. Ali Kadhim, Head of the Department of Civil Engineering, and Dr. Ghassan, Representative of the Mechanical Engineering Department.

In the meeting that was held on May 5, 2018 at SUT’s international affairs office, Dr. Jahed, Director of International Students Office, Dr. Ghaffari, Chancellor of SUT’s International Campus in Kish Island, Dr. Behzadipour, Professor at Mechanical Engineering Department and Dr. Khalaj, Deputy-Dean for Research and International Affair at Electrical Engineering Department, played host to the delegation.

In this meeting, after a brief introduction of SUT by Dr. Jahed and Dr. Khalaj, the implementation of the recently extended MoU between the universities was discussed in detail. In particular, offering PhD programs for the lecturers of the University of Kufa was among the discussed topics by the participants. In this regard, Dr. Jahed explained the available scholarships for international students, including the potential applicants from the University of Kufa. Following the meeting, Dr. Ghaffari introduced SUT’s international campus on Kish Island (SUTIC) and expressed his hope that SUTIC may be a good platform to implement part of the Cooperation Program between the Universities.

The purpose of this two-day visit was also stated to be some face-to-face negotiations with the heads of various departments and visiting the labs and research facilities of SUT. To this end, the delegation visited several labs at Materials Science and Engineering Department, Mechanical Engineering Department, Electrical Engineering Department, Institute for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, and Sharif Technology Services Complex.

It is worth mentioning that in the visit of Prof. Aldhalimi, President of the University of Kufa, to SUT last month, the extended version of the Cooperation Agreement between SUT and UOK was signed by the presidents of the universities.      



An Academic Delegation from Swiss in Sharif

May 7, 2018: An academic delegation from Switzerland, consisting of representatives from Swiss National Science Foundation, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Institute for Systems and Applied Electronics, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, University of Geneva Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research, and Zurich University of Applied Sciences paid a visit to Sharif.

After a brief introduction by H.E. Dell’ Ambrogio, State Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation of Switzerland, some important academic Activities of SUT and Swiss Universities were introduced by Prof. Mokhtari, Director of Industrial Relations, SUT, Dr. Peter Richner, Deputy CEO, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, Dr. Moghim, UNESCO Chair in Water and Environment Management for Sustainable Citites, SUT, Dr. Alexandre Hedjazi, Executive Director International Affairs and Senior Lecturer, Institute of Environmental Sciences, Dr. Vahid Hosseini, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at SUT and CEO of Tehran Air Quality Control Co. (AQCC) and Dr. Roberto Gardenghi, Senior Researcher, Institute for Systems and Applied Electronics.

After this meeting, the delegation visited SUT’s Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (INST), Bio Engineering and Health Systems Research Center (BEHSRC), Microfluidics Lab and Sharif Technology Services Complex and had a meeting with the professors and officials of these departments. Based on the visits and conversations, the parties expressed that there seems to be a huge potential for expanding collaborations between SUT and Swiss Universities throughout scientific exchanges, mobility grants, bilateral programmes and joint projects between the universities.

FCCI-2018 Successfully Held at Sharif

FCCI-2018 Successfully Held at Sharif

The Seventh Fuel and Combustion Conference of Iran (FCCI-2018) with the collaboration of universities, research centers, and fuel and combustion industries was held on 13th and 14th February 2018 at Sharif University of Technology.

This scientific and technical event provided a forum for presenting the current and latest research and development activities in Combustion, Fuels and related topics. This event also promoted the exchange of ideas and experiences amongst academia and those from industries. Furthermore, the conference was intended to be an event worthy of the attention of all engineers, postgraduate students, and researchers who are involved in combustion and fuel research and development. In the margins of the conference, several technical panels by eminent experts in the field were arranged to discuss the present and future issues of fuel and combustion.

Prof. Marcus Aldén from Lund University and Prof. Dr. LPH de Goey from Eindhoven University of Technology were the keynote speakers at this conference.