Research Stay

Research Stay

Research stay is a meta-category encompassing a wide range of mobility programs, the most famous kind of which is PhD students Sabbatical Leave. However, there are exchange programs in which the student spends the whole period of his/her program conducting research supervised by a faculty member of the host institution (for more information click here). Moreover, internship programs are sometimes done in the labs and the students can gain precious research experience (for more information click here).

The Iranian Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology has defined an annual fund for Ph.D. students’s sabbatical leave. There is also a fund internal to Sharif University of Technology to support the sabbatical leave of its Ph.D. students. International organizations, like DAAD (Germany) may also support the sabbatical leave of the Ph.D. students. The host university or supervisor can also be able to support the Ph.D. students during their sabbatical leave.

There are also tailor-made research stay programs. For example, following the agreement of SUT and Max Planck Society (Germany) in 2017, this prestigious institute agreed to host up to 3 SUT’s PhD candidates for a one-month research stay per year for four consecutive years.

In the past years, SUT has also established sabbatical leave programs with Waseda University (Japan) and Alberta University (Canada), fully funded by these institutions.

Research stay programs are non-degree programs, i.e., no degree will be conferred on the students at the end of the program.

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