SUT/HKUST Dual Degree PhD Program

Pathway to Dual Degree, Guide (in Persian)

SUT-HKUST Ph.D. Dual Degree Program

Since the signing of Agreement on Dual Degree PhD Program in 2012 between SUT and HKUST, four cohorts of SUT students have entered into this dual degree program. Students of the second year of PhD at Sharif University of Technology can apply for the SUT/HKUST Dual Degree PhD Program. By the time of the application, the students should have passed their comprehensive exam and they are highly advised to defend their research proposal before entering the program.

The general call for SUT/HKUST Dual Degree PhD Program is announced every year in December through an email which is sent to all PhD students at Sharif and SUT’s official website ( Applicants should send the required documents (stated in the email and the announcement) to the International Affairs Office or the Education Office of their departments. After examining the documents and an interview, the selected students will be introduced to HKUST.

Please note that student candidates in the SUT/HKUST Dual Degree PhD Program:

  • must have two supervisors, one at each institution
  • are required to take at least three-credit course at the host institution
  • are required to spend a minimum of two academic years in residence at SUT and a minimum of two academic years at HKUST

Upon the successful completion of the program, a dual degree (from both SUT and HKUST) will be conferred on the students (a special note on the degree certificate will state that the two doctoral degrees conferred on the student are one and the same.)

The total number of student candidates participating in the SUT/HKUST Dual Degree PhD Program shall not exceed five in any given academic year.

Students accepted on the program will usually be funded by HKUST. The exact amount of fund available is announced each year (this was about 15600 USD per year for 2016). It is worth mentioning that HKUST is one of the best technical universities in the world (2016 QS Ranking, General: 36, Engineering: 14). More information about HKUST (including the educational system, professors and their areas of specialization, and campus life) can be found on its official website:

For more information please give us a call: 021-66164780, or email us: (please write “SUT/HKUST Joint PhD Program”in the subject of the email).

HKUST Program Information (in Persian)