Mohammad Raie


Mohammad Raie is the Director of Academic and International Collaborations, Sharif University of Technology. He is a Faculty Member at Department of Civil Engineering.


Ms. Maryam Bilbaso


Ms. Bilbaso received her Bachelor’s degree in Management from Islamic Azad University, North-Tehran branch. She joined the office recently and is in charge of all clerical and administrative works of the office such as daily correspondence and document storage. Before joining the IA office, she worked for five years at the secretariat of Sharif presidency office.


Mr. Morteza Maghsoudi

Office Expert

Mr. Maghsoudi joined the office in 2011 as an Office Expert and is in charge of visa applications.


Mr. Hamed Amanollahi

Graphic Designer

Hamed Amanollahi got his M.A. in Graphic Design from Tehran University of Art. He joined the IA Office in 2019. He is an expert in digital visual effects and motion graphic software, namely, Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, CorelDraw, etc.
As a professional designer, Hamed is in sole-charge of creating visual graphic content (designing infographic, poster, logo, catalog, brochure, sheet, and animation), Photojournalism, film shooting, direction, production, and editing for the English website of SUT (, SUT LinkedIn page, and IA Office of Sharif University of Technology.


Mr. Amirhossein Mousavi

International Relations Expert

Mr. Mousavi joined in 2021 and holds a Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) from Sharif University of Technology.


Mr. Mehdi Komasi

Ranking Expert

Mr. Komasi is the ranking expert at SUT’s International Affairs Office. He is in charge of managing all the tasks regarding the elevation of SUT’s ranking in highly reputed ranking systems such as QS, Times and Shanghai.  He joined in 2022 and holds a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from Semnan University.


Ms. Sondos Hosseinisefat

Head of Administration (International Student’s Office)

Sondos Hosseinisefat joined SUT in 2000. She got her M.A. in Linguistics from Payame Noor University. Sondos is a multilingual person who is proficient in Kurdish, Arabic, and English in addition to Persian. Initially, she worked for the Foreign Purchasing Department which was followed by the start of her journey in the International Student’s Office as the head of administration. She is in charge of guiding and recruiting international students (documentation), international contacts and relations of ISO, active cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Technology (MSRT) regarding international student’s affairs, management and holding short training courses, attending international exhibitions for student recruitment. With two decades of experience in SUT, Sondos considers herself as a SUT family member and works with enthusiasm to provide high-quality services for international students.


Ms. Atefe Zare

Atefe Zare got her B.A. in English Translation from Imam Khomeini International University and was accepted as an M.A. student in Allameh Tabataba’i University. She joined International Students’ Office (ISO) in 2017. She is in charge of guiding and recruiting international students. She is also in sole-charge of financial affairs regarding international students’ tuition fees and short training courses. Moreover, she is responsible for students’ consular affairs such as visa application, students’ residency, and their exit visa application. If you are an international student in SUT or even an applicant, she’ll be there to give you a hand as a SUT family member.