Sabbatical for PhD Students

Sabbatical for PhD Students

In each year, Sharif University of Technology sends some PhD students for their 6-month sabbatical to Russian universities.

Interested student should get approval of a professor in the host university by his/her own.

February of each year is the dead line for submitting your request along with the aforementioned agreement letter of the host professor. Your advisor also should send us an email to confirm his/her agreement with your sabbatical at the intended university.

University will pay about $4000 for your 6-month sabbatical. This fund is specially designed for doing PhD sabbatical in Russian universities and is independent to the fund that you (as a PhD student) can get from MRST for your sabbatical so you may get both funds for the same sabbatical in Russia or you may use that of MRST for another sabbatical.

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Arman Alahyari, Ph.D. student

Duration: June 28, 2018 - April 25, 2019

During this period, I had the opportunity to work in an excellent scientific environment. Not only I was working on my own thesis but I also was participating in other activities including projects and conferences. Although this university is rather new, the necessary equipment is available to perform many experiments and researches. I had the access to a huge computational server which helped me a lot to achieve better numerical simulations and results. The university has two different campuses and is very beautiful inside out. New campus is recently made and enjoys a really appealing structure.
In addition, Moscow is a bigcity with many sights to explore which makes the travel experience unique.
Overall, I would recommend Skoltech to eligible Sharif students to apply and gain new experience in the university and city of Moscow.


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