SUT/PoliMi Double PhD Program

Good knowledge of the Italian language is required; otherwise the candidate should take several courses at PoliMi to improve her/his Italian language.

Duration of the program : 4 years (2 years at SUT, 2 years at PoliMi)

The PhD candidate will be enrolled annually at both universities. However the enrollment fees will be paid only to the home university (i.e. the university of origin).

Each university will appoint a professor as thesis supervisor.

At least 15 ECTS credits related courses must be obtained at the Politecnico di Milano

The Doctoral Thesis should be written in English, with two extended summaries in the language of the two involved universities.

Upon the successful completion of the double doctoral program, the PhD candidate will be awarded the “Dottorato di recerca in …”by Politecnico di Milano and “Doctor of Philosophy in …” by Sharif University of Technology.

The defense of the thesis will be held at SUT, the committee for the thesis defense will be composed by three professors (one from SUT, one from PoliMi, and one from a different university).

Details of the program (including financial issues, such as fund, accommodation fees, etc.) will be defined in the individual agreements signed based on this general agreement.

For more information please give us a call: (+98) 021-66164780, or email us: (please write “SUT/PoliMi Double PhD Program” in the subject of the email).