SUT/University of Milan (UNIMI) Dual PhD Program (Computer Engineering)

Pathway to Dual Degree, Guide (in Persian)

To be admitted to this Dual Ph.D. Degree’s Program, the applicant shall have to pass the Dual Ph.D. Degree’s Program Admission Examination.

Each Ph.D. student will select at least one Co-supervisor at SUT and at least one Co-supervisor at UNIMI.

The total duration of the Ph.D. Degree’s Program at UNIMI and the one at SUT, of no less than 3 years, are defined by the respective current regulations. The Ph.D. student will study on a full-time basis for at least one year at SUT and for at least one year at one of the UNIMI campuses during the total durations of the respective Ph.D. Degree’s Program.

After having fulfilled all other educational and research requirements, to obtain each of the two Ph.D. Degree envisioned by this Dual Ph.D. Degree’s Program each Ph.D. student has to pass the Final Defense Examination either at UNIMI or SUT, under the respective regulations, possibly by videoconference

Ph.D. students who have passed the Final Defense Examination either at UNIMI or SUT are awarded with the Ph.D. Degree in Computer Science by UNIMI and the Ph.D. Degree in Computer Science by SUT.

Each Ph.D. student is responsible for his/her own international and local transportation costs and insurance plan unless special arrangements are made by the host university.

Details of the program (including financial issues, such as fund, accommodation fees, etc.) will be defined in the individual agreements signed based on this general agreement.

For more information about the University of Milan (including the educational system, professors and their areas of specialization, campus life, etc.) please refer to its official website:

For more information please give us a call: (+98) 021-66164780 (Alireza Kazemi), or email us: (please write “SUT/University of Milan Dual PhD Program” in the subject of the email).

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