Semester Exchange Program for BSc & MSc Students

Semester Exchange Program for BS and MS Students


We have agreement of semester exchange (without tuition fee) with a limited number of our partner universities in Russia.

If you are studying in the 3rd or 4th year of BS or if you are an MS student, you may decide to pass one semester in one of such universities.

To do that you should do the necessary formalities well before in both sides.

You must send your application to the host university and being approved by them. You should also make sure with your department that they will accept the courses that you will pass in the host university.

Normally the cost of travel and living to study abroad for one semester should be paid by the interested student himself/herself.  However, university allocated a very limited budget for one or two bright students of each department annually (about $2000 per student) if they choose Russia as their destination for exchange program.

Please forward your inquiry to the international vice dean of your department.

Following is the Russian universities with whom we have exchange program. Vice versa, the students of these universities can come for a semester without tuition in Sharif. Since English programs of Sharif are taught in Kish, we recommend them to join the courses in Kish.  Visit


You may visit:

Here is the  application form and description of the process of application.




Saint Petersburg State University (SPBU)

More details here and here.

Master Programs in English.






Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPBPU)

Master Programs in English.




Ural Federal University

Master Programs in English.




Kazan Federal University

Master Programs in English.




Lomonosov Moscow State University

Master Programs in English.




Student Testimonial

Studying in Russia was a wonderful experience for me to be familiar for other cultures, you should consider that when you start an exchange program, most of your class mates are not Russian and they came from several countries, mostly from Europe and East Asia so it will give you the opportunity to understand different type of living and behaviors. Analyzing how they see the world and how they manage their issues, changed my view a lot and helped me to think better and more realistic about world.

Afshin Khosrowshahi, Saint Petersburg state university, Fall 2019

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A semester exchange program is not just about five months of studying in a university. It’s a life lasting memory that can change one’s perspective. Traveling to a country for a couple of weeks is one thing and living there for months is another. In an exchange program, you get the chance to blend with the society and the lifestyle. These are more valuable than credentials and credit units in a transcript. Along with experiencing a new academic system and comparing the different approaches towards education, you will have the opportunity to meet students from all around the globe. The exchange program at Russia is not just about knowing Russia, it’s about knowing the world, and more importantly, knowing yourself, who you are and who you can become.

Golara Ahmadi Azar who is in ITMO for Spring 2019


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