SUT/ University of Waterloo Dual Supervision (Cotutelle) of PhD Program

Pathway to Dual Degree, Guide (in Persian)

Student applicants for SUT/UW dual PhD Program shall be initially selected by SUT and then presented to UW for review and approval for admission.

The submission of application to UW should happen within a maximum of one year after the applicant is admitted to SUT. The period of required residence at UW will be a minimum of four (4) academic terms, full-time. The Candidate will pay tuition fees (plus international tuition and incidental fees) to UW while s/he is in UW. UW will provide the letter to the student, indicating the financial support offered. In addition, the student, while resident at an institution, is entitled to apply for any scholarship or bursary funds for which s/he is eligible.

The Candidate will undertake his/her Program of Study and research under the joint responsibility of a supervisor at UW and a supervisor at SUT. Students are required to pass a qualifying examination at SUT according to the rules and regulation of PhD qualifying examination stipulate by SUT. The student needs to pass this exam before he/she can take his/her thesis proposal examination.

  • A thesis comprehensive exam (proposal examination) will be carried out by UW.
  • The exam committee will be assembled by the thesis advisors from SUT and UW.
  • The thesis defense will occur normally at SUT.
  • The thesis will be written in English and normally will be defended in English.
  • Following successful completion of the Candidate’s Program of Study and thesis defense, each Institution agrees to confer the doctoral degree upon the Candidate and issue the appropriate diploma. Each diploma will state that the doctorate was completed under cotutelle program.

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