A Delegation from Different Universities in France Visited Sharif

A delegation from French academy visited Sharif on December 13, 2016. The meeting was held at Sharif University Presidential Office. After a brief presentation of SUT by professor Fotouhi, the president of Sharif University of Technology, each member of the delegation had a quick introduction of his/her university and institute.  Dr. Clement, ministry advisor of national educational ministry, mentioned that in the field of training, education and research, their ministry would be happy to cooperate with Sharif. Dr. Dumasy, president of Grenoble University, focused on the long cooperation with SUT and said that Grenoble University, which has 4500 students, 25 faculties and 18 research labs, is very pleased to develop the MoU with Sharif. Dr. Le Gall, director of Polytech University of Nantes, explained that they have 8 engineering deptartments, such as electronic and numerical technology, civil engineering, electrical engineering, computer sciences, material sciences, energy sciences, etc. After that, Dr. Bone, director of Ecoled’ingenieurs de Brest ENIB mentioned that their university has many fields such as mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. Moreover, they are looking forward having exchange programs with Sharif. Dr. Bigue, director of Ecole Nationale Superieure d’ingenieurs Sued Alasace (ENSISA) stated that they have 5 departments which are industry, mechanical, electrical, computer, and textile engineering departments. Furthermore, Dr. Bigue asserted that they are happy to have student and faculty exchange with Sharif. Dr. Zolver, Vice President of international affairs office of Centrale Supelec who was also coming on behalf of Paris Sac Lay University, proceeded the meeting by mentioning that their school consists of information, energy, and system engineering departments. Following the meeting, Mr. Fouillard, Grenoble ecole de management, asserted that their school is working on innovation environment for about 35 years, and they are trying to transform it to something useful in the market. For this reason, they are cooperating with engineering institutes and universities. Afterward, Dr. Siadat from ENSAM added that the agreement between ENSAM and Sharif has been signed yesterday in the field of master/PhD double degrees. Finally, Dr. Bert, director of international relation, ecole des ponts, added that as a business school and MBA executive they started cooperation with Sharif.