A Business Delegation from ACET-Global, Australia, in Sharif

A Business Delegation from ACET-Global, Australia, visited Sharif on January 18, 2017. The meeting was held at International Affairs Office of SUT with the presence of Mr. Shah, Managing Director of ACET-Global and two associates. Dr. Massoumian, Consultant of International Affairs Office of SUT, Dr. Sepehri and Dr. Talebian, from Graduate School of Management and Economics, were the representatives of Sharif.

Dr. Massoumian started the meeting by a brief presentation of Sharif. Afterward, Mr. Shah introduced the activities of ACET-Global. He stated that ACET is focused on corporate training and up-skilling staffs within organizations, specifically by providing about 200 intense and short-term courses, both online and physical. He added that ACET is ready to provide customized courses for Sharif, both in content and duration. Mr. Shah said that he is happy to hear that SUT has an active technology park and is pioneer in cooperating with industries. He explained to the participants that ACET is also active in Road Safety, Sanitation, Global Entrepreneurship, and Global Peace projects. For example, they are ready to define projects for SUT students on topics such as international dialogues and peaceful interactions between religions in the Middle East. He was informed that SUT has a transportation Institute and 3 Humanities departments and is happy to collaborate on these important topics.