1st SUT-SPbU Joint Seminar on Iranian culture, philosophy and history of science

Welcome Message

To be familiar with the new horizons in Iranian cultural and philosophical studies elsewhere, we start to convene a two-day joint seminar on this subject matter this autumn. The first Sharif-St Petersburg graduate seminar on Iranian culture, philosophy, and history of science will be held online due to the pandemic. The focus in the first seminar is on Safavid dynasty period between 1501-1736 in which Shi’a theology, Iranian arts, and Islamic philosophy and mysticism, have been significantly grown and extensively developed to the extent that today we can see its substantial effect on Iranian culture and society. The invited speakers and lecturers in the seminar are among the faculty members of both universities and outstanding Ph.D. candidates. Students and scholars from all around the world are more than welcome to join this interesting event on Nov. 26-27, 2020.

The graduate seminar and the conference will be established to be continued in the future annually. Moreover, a four-day international conference next summer (2021) will be held in Tehran, Sharif University; during which we will share our latest academic studies in Iran and Russia (Saint Petersburg State University) to reach more mutual understanding as seeds of joint research projects in the future and to enhance the students’ own researches.

All sessions will be recorded and made available to all participants after the program.

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Should you have any inquiries about the program, please do not hesitate to contact us: b.khodagholizade@student.sharif.edu

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