FCCI-2018 Successfully Held at Sharif

The Seventh Fuel and Combustion Conference of Iran (FCCI-2018) with the collaboration of universities, research centers, and fuel and combustion industries was held on 13th and 14th February 2018 at Sharif University of Technology.

This scientific and technical event provided a forum for presenting the current and latest research and development activities in Combustion, Fuels and related topics. This event also promoted the exchange of ideas and experiences amongst academia and those from industries. Furthermore, the conference was intended to be an event worthy of the attention of all engineers, postgraduate students, and researchers who are involved in combustion and fuel research and development. In the margins of the conference, several technical panels by eminent experts in the field were arranged to discuss the present and future issues of fuel and combustion.

Prof. Marcus Aldén from Lund University and Prof. Dr. LPH de Goey from Eindhoven University of Technology were the keynote speakers at this conference.