An Academic Delegation from France in Sharif

SUT-ParisTech to Establish Dual Degree Programs in the Near Future

In the meeting that was held on January 24, 2018 at SUT’s International Affairs Office, Dr. Tcharkhtchian,  Professor of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at ENSAM and the Representative of ParisTech paid a visit to Sharif. Mr. Bonte, Scientific Attaché of the French Embassy was accompanying Dr. Tcharkhtchian. On the other side, Dr. Simchi, Dean of International Affairs, Dr. Massoumian, International Affairs Consultant, Dr. Farrahi, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Dr. Farhadi, Professor of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, received the delegation.

The meeting started with the discussion of the proposal by ParisTech to establish Double Diploma Program in MSc in all fields of engineering. The obstacles to expand academic collaborations with French universities were also discussed by the parties. Following the meeting, Mr. Bonte pointed out that a visit by the presidents of Iranian universities to France is arranged for next June. In this visit, the presidents are supposed to have several meetings with the presidents of the French universities to expand the academic collaborations between the two countries.

Finally, it was decided that the proposal of ParisTech is examined by SUT and the result will be delivered to ParisTech for evaluation in the near future. Moreover, Mr. Bonte and Dr. Simchi agreed on holding other meetings to define the plan of the upcoming visit of SUT’s president to France in more detail. Dr. Simchi also announced that the Norooz Celebration will be held in Sharif in the middle of March with the presence of ambassadors and scientific attachés of embassies.

It is worth mentioning that ParisTech is a cluster of 12 pioneering engineering schools in France. Further, Sharif already has strong scientific collaborations with France for which SUT-Grenbole Dual Degree PhD program and SUT-ENSAM Dual Degree Master Program in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering may be mentioned.