Francophone University Agency in Sharif

Professor Harve Sabourin, Regional Director of Middle East Office of Francophone University Agency, along with Mr. Laurent Criquet, Cultural Attache of France Embassy, paid a visit to Sharif on June 10, 2017. In this meeting which was held at SUT’s International Affairs Office, Professor Fotuhi, President of SUT, and Professor Movaghar, Dean of International Affairs hosted the delegation. After a brief introduction of SUT by professor Fotuhi, the parties discussed the possible lines of cooperation. As Dr. Sabourin pointed out, Francophone University Agency is an international association consisting of more than 850 universities worldwide which facilitates the scientific and cultural interaction of these universities. To be a member of this international association, apart from professional considerations, universities must have some links with the francophone culture, which can be a French language department, some courses taught in French, some francophone professors among faculty members, or some ongoing projects with francophone universities. Professor Sabourin continued that because of SUT’s international profile and reputation, SUT is more than welcomed to join Francophone University Agency.
On the other side, Professor Fotuhi noted that many good professors of Sharif University, in different departments, have graduated from francophone countries, and French universities have been among the most longstanding scientific partners of SUT. Moreover, the French language is taught in SUT’s linguistic center and there are many ongoing projects and agreements between different prestigious French universities and Sharif.
Finally, SUT decided to apply for the Francophone University Agency to start its membership from next year. It is worth mentioning that members of the Francophone University Agency are able to get in touch with more than 850 universities worldwide and get support for scientific and cultural activities like seminars, conferences, student and faculty exchange and joint projects. Furthermore, currently the University of Tehran, Shahid Beheshti University, University of Tabriz, and Tarbiyat Modarres university are members of this international association.