Sharif Is to Extend International Collaborations with Nestlé

Saturday, Sept. 1, 2018, a Sharif delegation of six, consisted of Dr. Mokhtari, Director of Industrial Relations, Dr. Najmi, Vice-President for Finance and Administration, Dr. Behzad, Mechanical Engineering, Mr. Shahrokhi & Mr. Hasanalizadeh, both from Vice-Presidency for Research and Technology, and Mr. Soltani, from the International Affairs Office paid a visit to the Nestlé factory in Qazvin.

Upon arrival, the group was joined with a delegation from College of Engineering, University of Tehran and received a warm welcome. After a presentation from Mr. Giuseppe Carella, Country Manager of Nestlé in Iran, and Mr. Alireza Sarabchi, Head of Communications and Marketing Services, about the history and the current state of Nestlé, the group had a tasting session of the products of Nestlé Iran, such as Nesquik & CERELAC. The delegation then had a tour of the factory itself, in which the production line of the famous powdered milk, NAN, was explained in detail by Nestlé engineers.

The second and final session of the visit convened after lunch when Mr. Carella presented Sharif & Tehran university faculties with a book titled “Nestlé: 150 Years Nutrition Health and Wellness”. Mr. Carella then proposed that Nestlé should collaborate with top universities in Iran to become more efficient and to have a more positive impact on the society as a whole. He then summarized some of the key points that his company wanted to cooperate in, such as clean energy & safety improvements.

Dr. Mokhtari & Dr. Abrinia (from the University of Tehran) then expressed the importance of such collaborations and agreed to follow up on the matter to start a more solid relationship between the universities and Nestlé.

It is worth mentioning that a delegation from Nestlé visited Sharif University of Technology in May 2018 and had a meeting with Dr. Simchi & Dr. Mokhtari at the IA Office. More on that here.