Sharif University of Technology and UMSS sign an agreement to Further Academic Cooperation


SUT hosted the Bolivian Ambassador and the President of the UMSS university of Bolivia on Saturday, April 9, 2022, to discuss further academic cooperation.

A meeting was held with the President of SUT, Director of International Affairs, Deputy Director of International Students, and the Representative of Bolivian Affairs.

The major goals of the meeting were to explore ways of expanding academic cooperation, establishing extensive participation in industrial projects and postdoctoral programs, participating in the in-service training program for faculty members of the UMSS, and increasing its scientific and technological status.

With 82,000 students and 1,500 professors across 68 different fields of Engineering, Basic Sciences, Medical Sciences, and Humanities and Social Sciences, San Simon University is the second-largest university in Bolivia.

Both universities discussed their contributions to science during this visit, and the Presidents of UMSS and SUT were enthusiastic about expanding the cooperation between the two universities in different fields and projects.

At the conclusion of this visit, an agreement was also signed between the two universities.