Visit of the Ambassador of the Republic of Tajikistan to Sharif University of Technology

On Monday, October 23rd, 2023, the esteemed Ambassador of the Republic of Tajikistan, Dr. Zahedi, accompanied by a delegation from the Tajikistan Embassy in Tehran, visited Sharif University of Technology (SUT) to familiarize themselves with the educational, technological, and scientific activities of the university.

The session commenced at the office of the respected President of SUT, with the presence of university officials, faculty members, and administrators, who warmly welcomed the delegation. After a brief presentation highlighting the university's activities and standing, Dr. Abbaspour, the secretary of the International Energy Conference, introduced the conference and its significance. Furthermore, Dr. Ardekani discussed SUT's international collaborations in environmental areas, particularly water and energy, emphasizing the mutual interests and initiatives between SUT and various countries.

The esteemed Ambassador of Tajikistan expressed his delight in visiting Sharif University of Technology and discussed the cultural similarities between Iran and Tajikistan. He viewed this as a foundation for fostering bilateral cooperation in technical and engineering domains between SUT and Tajikistan's technological universities. He introduced Tajikistan as a country abundant in water resources and suitable for developing hydroelectric power capacity. He also mentioned some of the country's international initiatives, such as the Water for Sustainable and Stable Development program and the Refrigerator Preservation program.

Furthermore, he evaluated the upcoming period as opportune for scientific and technological interactions between SUT and Tajikistan's technology universities, considering the visits of the Presidents of both countries and the positive relations between them. He expressed his readiness to personally support and participate in the Energy Conference and planned collaborations in the energy sector. Lastly, it was agreed to initiate the necessary preparations for the drafting and signing of a comprehensive memorandum of understanding to establish a legal framework for cooperation and plan future visits of SUT delegates to Tajikistan's technology universities.