Cultural Counselor of the Embassy of Iraq at Sharif University of Technology (SUT)


On May 31, 2022, a meeting was held at SUT with Amjad Hameed Abd-Alrazaq, the Cultural Counselor of the Embassy of The Republic of Iraq, and Mohammad Baqir Hakim, the Head of Public Relations.

They were received by the Director of International Affairs, Dr. Masihi, as well as the Director of International Students, Dr. Bazargan. After a brief presentation of SUT, the parties discussed the potential lines of collaboration between SUT and Iraqi universities.

The meeting focused on increasing SUT's academic interaction and collaborations with the top six universities in Iraq and recruiting elite students from Iraq.

During the meeting, Dr. Abd-Alrazaq offered to lay the groundwork for SUT and the six top universities in Iraq, to develop bilateral and multilateral collaborations.